1. We’ll see.

“Is there anything you want to see in South Germany?”  Yes I remember this fairytale- castle, let’s drive there. “And do you remember that restaurant that was fully booked last year?” Yes, let’s have dinner there tonight. “And Austria?” Well, let’s take a nice mountain pass and enjoy a scenic mountain route to Slovenia. “Hey, wait, we can take a little detour via Italy; let’s grab a pizza there and then drive to Slovenia?” Sure, why not!

The feeling of being totally free has hit us directly since we drove away. We have sold the house, moved our stuff into a storage and now live together in our 5m2 tiny house, our Troopy. We only have a rough high level ‘per month’ plan, and decide on the route day by day. No need to think of ‘the way back’. Without wanting to sound too cheesy; it feels great. 

The last months before our departure were quite hectic. We both have finished our jobs, Max graduated from his 2nd study, we sold the house, finished the rebuilding of our Troopy and prepared our trip. And of course all the (lovely!) goodbye drinks and dinners. So the feeling of ‘need to do’ is still very active in our minds. It’s very liberating to experience (multiple times a day)  that we can let go of that feeling; there is no agenda, no planning, no need to do. We’ll see.

We now have entered a new geographical area for us both: the Balkan. We woke up in Slovenia at lake Bled with beautiful autumn colours. The mornings so far: hot tea & coffee (temperatures in the early morning are not too high), some yoga and some finishing touches in the Landcruiser. We’re very happy with some of the camp- improvements we made, like the new table at the left side (our new outdoor ‘kitchen’), new curtains for some privacy (thanks Dorien) and storage dividers (in the end the car is like a small boat, it’s super useful to have a fixed spot for everything). While camping we’re still working on some small stuff, like new (usb) charge points. 

For now, our next stop will be Croatia. Taking our Troopy to the coastal area, and see what the Croatia- Saturday nights look like .. Underneath some pictures; other pictures & updates (stories) can be found on our instagram page. Our real time route can be found on our Polarsteps page.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Neu Schwanstein, Germany
Our first (small) fix 💪
Waking up at Trittenheim, Germany
Our outdoor kitchen

2 Comments on “1. We’ll see.

  1. Leuk jullie eerste blog, mooie foto’s!
    Super om zo mee te kunnen reizen x


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