4. Where is Wally

If you could choose between a busy, vibrant atmosphere though somewhat over crowded, or a calm, peaceful atmosphere though slightly abandoned, what would you prefer? 

It’s the end of October- low season. Camp sites are almost empty- when there are 2 or 3 fellow guests it’s a lot. Restaurants and bars are empty or closed. In return, the surroundings are calm, we are often alone with nature, are able to wild camp at spots which are probably inaccessible in high season, prices are low, there are no traffic jams and we do not have to make reservations upfront. Though because most places are designed for welcoming many tourists (huge terraces, many beach chairs, enormous restaurants) it gives us kind of an abandoned feeling.

But we definitely do not want to complain. Because of the low season, we enjoy some amazing moments being just with Troopy and ourselves, like during wild camping at the beautiful West coast of Lefkada. We enjoy a quiet night – sleeping with the sound of the waves- and an entire day at a beautiful white sand beach, with just the two of us (or ok, it appears that our beach spot is a ‘meeting point’ for men; single men keep on visiting the beach, meeting each other, disappear, come back after a while and then leave the beach) (yes we did observe).

A spot where we are definitely not alone and meander between the selfie sticks is Meteora. But we couldn’t care less; the beauty of this UNESCO heritage is beyond imagination. 14th century old monasteries, build on giant cliffs. The monastery we visit still has this serene, spiritual vibe with monks passing by and lighting candles. Beautiful rooms with high ceilings, full of golden chandeliers and colorful paintings. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, this is absolute something you want to add to your itinerary. (Nb: Do not jump on a cliff to make a photo, while jumping back from that same cliff is impossible because of the steep rocks. Just a friendly piece of advice..) 

Today is our last (full) day in Greece. To have a proper goodbye, we celebrated our last day with a lunch at the Halkidiki Peninsula Sithiona. Eating at Ta Kymata– a family run sea food restaurant. Again a warm sunny day; we understand from locals that we are lucky with the weather in October (we haven’t had rain nor cloudy days since Germany), it’s a proper Indian Summer.  We enjoy three hours with fresh fish, local wines, salads and are surrounded by Greek families (celebrating a National Holiday). It feels like stepping into a Greek novel. We decide to definitely come back to Greece to visit some more archaeological sites and to sail a long the beautiful coastlines.

At the moment of writing we are at our last Greek camp site, near the Turkish boarder. Again, we’re the only camp guests. But, because of the National Holiday there is a Greek party at the camp bar. Traditional Greek music and Ouzo; a buzzy Greek final after all!

ps: more photos can be found on our photo page

One Comment on “4. Where is Wally

  1. Heerlijk te lezen over wat jullie allemaal meemaken en hoe jullie genieten (en ook hard werken om het te realiseren).Ik geniet van jullie verslag en foto’s. liefs! t.Marjolein


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